Pricing—Selling at the Highest Price Possible

First, find out what your Ashburn home is worth by using a free online value estimator tool or by reviewing your recent property tax bill, which is a percentage of your home’s fair market value. Several factors determine your home’s market value—Property condition, square footage, lot size, location, amenities, and recent comparable sales.

There are some simple things you can do to increase the value of your home, starting with removing clutter, painting and washing the walls, and installing high watt bulbs to provide a brighter living space. Larger renovation projects, like redoing kitchens and bathrooms, typically yield a more substantial increase in sales price.

Deep Clean For A Great First Impression

Roll up your sleeves and give your appliances, windows, lighting, and every crevice inside the house a deep cleaning. Powerwash siding, shutters, and give the outside of your windows a good scrub to boost your home’s curb appeal! Maintaining your Ashburn home and not allowing grime to build up will keep these tasks manageable when it’s time to sell.

Get Your Toolbelt Out

You’ll want to repair any items that are noticeably broken. Other things may come up during your home inspection, but you can get ahead of this by checking gutters, drainage, basement leaks, flooring, cabinets and more. Applying a fresh coat of paint and fixing any areas where there’s chipped paint, as well as repairing grout in the kitchen and bathroom can give your home a well-cared-for appearance.


Fabulous Mansion in enchanting
area with great advantages


A light and airy home office is situated in the villa.

Home GYM

A designated home gym area with access to the pool.

Swimming Pool

Fabulous Roman-style heated outdoor swimming pool.

Ideal location

Surrounded by mountains, forest and the sea.

Living Area

The living area features a fully-working fireplace.

Dining Room

The dining rooms opens directly onto sunny terrace.


Beautifully decorated in neutral tones with solid wood.


The villa has 3 full bathrooms and 3 shower rooms.