With Tattersalls Finance Asset/Equipment Finance options you can finance more than you might have thought.

With Tattersalls Finance Asset/Equipment Finance options you can finance more than you might have thought

What can we finance? A brief sample…

We finance equipment across all industries. The list of equipment we can finance would be too extensive to note here, but here are some to give you an idea. If you are still unsure, please apply online or contact us to discuss further.

  • Motor Vehicles
  • Gym Equipment
  • Hospitality Equipment
  • Mining and Earthmoving Equipment
  • Telecommunications
  • Diagnostic, Therapeutic and Surgical machinery and instruments
  • Transport Equipment at all levels – Warehouse, Distribution and Company Vehicles (Bikes, Cars, Trucks, Trailers, Tractors, Forklifts)
  • Office fit out, including shelving and furniture
  • Software and hardware (Everything IT)
  • Coffee machines, beer reticulation systems and display cabinets
  • Refrigeration and air conditioning systems
  • Gaming Machines
  • Medical Equipment
  • Point-of-sale (e.g. staff management technology)
  • Fit out (shopfront, shopfloor and fit out)
  • Automotive Repair Equipment

Independent from any of the mainstream lenders, we provide the broadest and most complete range of financial solutions-because no one lender can be the best all the time. We act as both a lender and wholesale originator to ensure our customers have access to the leading finance solutions from across the marketplace no matter what the need.

Our wholesale origination model is designed to provide savings to our customers compared to their normal retail channels such as their bank, credit union or local broker.

We are experienced in developing innovative financial products and services that are affordable, flexible and tailored to our customer’s needs by designing specific solutions that take into consideration business cycles, seasonal needs, specialised equipment requirements and other factors that ultimately allow us to provide a sophisticated solution and superior value proposition.

The typical funder or bank only want to lend a customer money when they can prove they don’t need it. At Tattersalls Finance, we are on your side.

Talk to us today about any of your asset/equipment finance needs.